The Yukon Permafrost Knowledge Network has been created to facilitate and encourage cooperative relationships between those active in permafrost related work and research activities. 

Ice rich permafrost, photo Yukon Research CentreIce rich permafrost, photo P. LipovskyAlaska Highway permafrost bumps, photo P. LipovskyElectrical resistivity tomography, Yukon, photo Yukon Research CentreParks Canada, 3rd Avenue Complex, Dawson, Yukon, photo S. LaxtonPermafrost investigations at St. Andrew's Church, Dawson, Yukon, photo S. LaxtonPermafrost in the Klondike Plateau, photo S. LaxtonInstallation of frost tube at Yukon Wildlife Preserve with Kenji Yoshikawa, photo S. LaxtonHere is Dr. F. Calmels downloading data from a temperature logger, still in the Klondike.


The goals of the Network are to encourage communication and to provide a forum for researchers, government, and industry to discuss developments related to the field of permafrost in the Yukon.  The Network will also be a place where potential new sources of Yukon permafrost data can be identified that would be suitable for adding to the Yukon permafrost database.


  • List of Yukon Permafrost Network members with contact information & permafrost interests
  • Provide publicaly accessible Yukon Permafrost Data
  • Start a Yukon Permafrost list serve
  • Open door to drop by the Yukon Geological Survey Office